Upcoming Thingclash Workshop — 8 July

We've had a quiet spring on the public front, but Susan, Sjef, Natalie, Emma and I have been working on an expanded version of the Thingclash workshop format for several upcoming events. The first of these is now public, and we can announce that we will be running a workshop on 8 July for the upcoming Thingscon Salon in Eindhoven, NL. This event will be hosted by VPRO Medialab, and currently has 24 places open. 

We will be announcing several additional workshops, both public and at industry events, shortly. Get in touch if you are interested to know more about what we're doing, and/or would like us to design a workshop for a particular audience, industry or format. We've added more "things" to explore, and are structuring ways to think about friction at scale. 

Stay connected.